Our FAQ page can help you with your queries regarding TV repair and how we can help you with your broken television part. We service in different cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, Burlington, Ajax, Pickering and Markham.

Q1: My TV reported certain working issue, what should I do?A. To know the fault & to fix it immediately you can trust our contact number: 416-882-0900, where our skilled technicians will assist you with instant response. You would be inquired about the reported working issue in your television with model info. Depending upon the complexity of encountered problem within your TV brand model, our experts will tell you the exact time & estimate of the associated repair.

Q2. Which Television make & model do you service and repair?

A.Our professionals are trained to repair different brand TV models and types. Be it LCD, LED, Plasma, Projection or flat-screen TV we fix all and update our customer with the after-repair maintenance tips. Please feel free to inquire your doubts at 416-882-0900.

Q3. I found one thin, straight color line in the middle of the television screen. Does picture tube of my LCD TV has gone bad?

A. This problem arises when the LCD TV vertical deflection circuit does not work properly. This makes the screen appear dull with straight color lines. However this does not prove that the picture tube is not working properly which many TV owners mistakenly think.

Q4. Do you provide on-site (in-home) service? How do you handle an in-home service?

A. This is dependent on the nature of the fault. We can however provide a professional assessment of your TV or electronic item at your place as we service in different Ontario cities. We are geared up for home visits in different cities: Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Richmond Hill, North York, Etobicoke and Toronto. To avoid customer inconvenience our prior approach is to diagnose & fix the fault at customer location.

Q5. I am looking for info on how to repair my TV myself.

A. To know about your product, call us at 416-882-0900. We always suggest our clients to avoid fixing wires or troubleshooting the faults by their own as the voltage can cause harm to them. Sometimes customers even misguide themselves by conducting wrong repair-work. Our qualified TV engineers provide on-call assistance and tips which can help you to resolve the minor working issue. It can be the cable improper plug-in or switch problem. In case of complex issue we will send engineer to resolve it.

Q6: Do you guarantee the repairs & TV parts that you fix?

A. Yes. Usually a six months warranty is given. Depending on the parts used in the TV system, the faultless working period of the part may be shorter or longer. This can be confirmed when your set is repaired. For example, new TV tube gives 1 year warranty

Q7. How can I check the repair status of my television set?

A: You can directly call at 416-882-0900 or get in touch with our centre near your area as we operate in many Ontario cities. You can even reach us to our local customer support associated with the following cities list. Toronto: 416 882-0900; Mississauga: 905 564-7171; Brampton: 905-452-6222; Oakville & Burlington: 905 337-9181; Vaughan: 905-856-4004; Richmond Hill: 905 770-9191.

Q8. How likely is it that my product can be repaired?

A. We employ skilled technicians that work efficiently to resolve the encountered working problem. Mainly the service completion time depends on the complications involved in repair and customer approval of the initial estimate. We usually repair more than 90% of all the sets that we receive.

Q9. I have bought new TV, can your service team install & set my set at my residence?

A.Yes our technicians can assist you with installing your LED, LCD or Projection television along with assistance on how to operate your new equipment efficiently.