TV Repair Tips


Model: LG 42PX5D 42 in. HDTV Plasma Television
Issue: 2 to 3 inches Black Vertical Line appears
Suggestion*: It represents malfunctioning of driver. Failures of driver that control the individual rows of pixels comprising the screen cause appearance of 2 to 3 inches black vertical line which the position of the shown image. Usually when pixels get stuck to its standby state they become dead and randomly turn on the screen. This case needs technician assistance to repair the fault.

Model: LG 50pc5d-ul
Issue: Reporting a small crack on the top right corner of the screen? Does screen need to be replaced?
Suggestion*: Before thinking of replacing the screen the first thing that needs to be checked is – if the crack is disturbing the TV viewing or not? If the crack is small & do not interfere with the TV functioning then there’s no worries to replace it. If the TV is in warranty period the option is clear to get the screen replaced.

However big crack can surely affect the display quality of the product in that case you are left with the option to replace the screen.

Model: LG 37LC7D 37 inch HDTV LCD TV
Issue: Menu section appears constant on screen
Suggestion*: When menu is left on screen for long time it results in burned image problem which mainly occurs in old model Plasma Televisions. Best solution is to unplug your TV for a while & then turn ON the menu will go off from screen.

Model: LG 42PQ30 42 inch
Issue: Plasma TV screen is black
Suggestion*: Require testing the middle scalar board in Plasma TV which can become defective. Problem can arise due to the loose connection between the scalar board and PDP Module (plasma panel) or due to less power supply. To avoid short in the circuit boards this ribbon cable connection should be aligned in a correct manner.

Model: LG 42LG50 42 inch HDTV LCD TV
Issue: TV flashes about every 5 seconds
Suggestion*: Check the condition of the capacitors on the power supply board inside TV by opening the TV back cover. Leak or bulged capacitors indicate poor functioning of TV. Replacing the capacitors can fix the problem.

Model: JVC LT-40X667 TV
Issue: Turn ON & shuts OFF within few seconds
Suggestion*: Require cleaning of the fan area and vent area on digital board of this model.

Model: Philips 60PL9200D/37 TV
Issue: Insufficient brightness
Suggestion*: Apparently the OEM bulb (UHP132/120W/1.0) supplied is not installed correctly or is manufactured with some fault. New installation of bulb can solve the issue.


The above information in this website is suggested to be used only by qualified electronic technicians who understand the proper technique to resolve such issues in a right way (mentioned above or either way). Above we have shared few of the television models working issues & have tried our best to cover the suggested solution (which you can find in more detail on contacting repairmen experts) to fix the reported errors. In any case, TV Repair Centre team takes no responsibility for any problems (or damage) that may occur when an unqualified person employ such solution by utilizing this information in his own ways.

The product can be given a solution apart from the above described depending upon the knowledge & expertise with new tools & techniques. Therefore TV Repair would be happy to collect your feedback & best approachable less time taking solution & TV repairing tips at 416-882-0900.